searching for serenity
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searching for serenity

I guess it is about that time to finally start a little blog. I assume nobody is ever going to read this. I have no intention on sharing this with my friends. This will simply be a place for me to convey my thoughts, adventures, and even my feelings. Perhaps it may end up mostly my feelings. It is safe to assume nothing.

Over the last fifteen minutes, I have retyped this line over and over again. How does one initiate his or her first personal blog? There is entirely too much to explore at the beginning. So this is what’s on my mind at this very moment…

A little over two days from now, I will be helping my friend Walt move to Lafayette. He is one of my best friends, if not my best friend right now. He was one of the fifteen out of seventeen students in my senior class to graduate this past May. I was one of the two who did not. After only a month of searching, he was able to land the job. I could not be more happy for him. However, I am dreading the next year without him.

Freshman year, I had many circles of acquaintances. As I advanced in college, I would befriend those that were in the same major as me. Over time I would lose the ones who were not. Big mistake.

Most of the students who graduated have moved back home. A few acquired jobs elsewhere. A couple into graduate school. The few left I rarely communicate with, and when I do, I get one word responses. On top of this, I recently broke up with my boyfriend (yes, I am gay).

As a result, I am a starting to feel lonely. There are few left that can hear me and fewer that will listen. Now, I will begin my search for serenity.